Even though the number of inbound tourists to Japan have dramatically increased in recent years, Japan is not yet recognized as a destination for medical tourism.


However, compared to other countries, it is clear that Japanese medical services have very high competitiveness both in terms of quality and economics.
Moreover, by combining wonderful Japanese tourist attractions such as "hot springs" and "Japanese food" with "medical service", it is possible to offer unprecedented attractive tour activities, and Japan will become a popular medical tourism destination.


Accepting such demand from overseas for Japan not only contributes to the medical industry, it also leads to the revitalization of various industries of the community that accept these medical tourists and will contribute to the overall good of the local community.


Utilizing the strengths of the GLOME group, we will merge Japan's proud medical services, tourism, and hospitality. GLOME's aim is to make people around the world get to know the value and benefits of medical tourism in Japan.



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